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Let the games begin

Feel free to watch the ongoing livestreams live from Denmark. The broadcasters of Copenhagen Games 2014 are NiPGamingTV's host Anders Blume (a.k.a. NiP Anders) and co-host Auguste "Semmlertheriot" Massonnat (a.k.a. Semmler) who will stream matches between the top tier teams in the world which includes the following teams.

  • 3DMAX
  • ESC Gaming
  • GreyFace
  • LGB eSports
  • dignitas
  • Menace
  • Wild Fire
  • fm-eSports
  • Property
  • fnatic

    Ready set GO!

  • ENCE eSports
  • Expert Gaming
  • H2k Gaming
  • NecroRaisers
  • USSR
  • Titan
  • NiP
  • Lemondogs
  • mousesports

These are the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive top teams which has participated.
You can find footage from day one here. It will show you what has been going on so far and remember people it's free to watch any other videos from the gaming site.


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Burning Comet

Reach for the stars

Providing one of the best lag-free servers for people to enjoy and play on with a big community with over 500 members.

BurningComet, founded by Shawni, Addil and GamerDZ in July 2013, is an international gaming community hosting game servers for a number of popular online game titles; Including Minecraft, Counter Strike 1.6, Counter Strike Global offensive and San Andreas Multi-player. Our forums have over 600 registered users from all over the globe.

Update: We got few new servers and we manage to get more next week.