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We are a project, founded to ensure the future in networking and web design! We at subnetweb offer a range of servers ( VPS and Dedicated Servers ), cPanel and Resellers to help those people who are learning to accomplish a dream but doesn't have the expenses to do it. What else? It's Free! Our aim to provide free-of-charge VPS to people who want to increase their knowledge in Web Design and build the future, giving people a chance to collaborate freely without worrying about the cost.

We ensure that our clients have a worry-free experience and they have the best resources to start or even develop their projects. We provide all kind of servers to our clients and ensure that they present their work in a faster, easier and stress-free environment. We strongly see the age of technology developing fast thus would love to give the opportunity for those people who don’t have the expenses to get the resources but have the ‘brains’ to express themselves using our services, we try make life easier for people who are dying to express their computing & logical side without any expenses. We are a kind server provider.

Tournament winners

Announcing the winners of the competition from Denmark in April 19th, 2014. It is NiP (a.k.a. Ninjas in Pyjamas) the Swedish team won the grand prize of 14,000€ for their valiant effort in beating on Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

That's not all. The female gaming team who won in Copenhagen Games 2014 were Bad Monkey Gaming which is another Swedish team that won a staggering 3,700€ prize sum in the female gamer tournament.

  • NiP
Some true GO ninjas!
  • Bad Monkey Gaming

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Burning Comet

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Providing one of the best lag-free servers for people to enjoy and play on with a big forum with over 500 members.

BurningComet, founded by Shawni, Addil and GamerDZ in July 2013, is an international playing forum hosting game servers for a number of popular online game titles; Including Minecraft, Counter Strike 1.6, Counter Strike Global offensive and San Andreas Multi-player. Our forums have over 600 registered users from all over the globe.

Update: We got few new servers and we manage to get more next week.